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Friday, April 29, 2005

Big Red Button

DO NOT PRESS the Big Red Button

copywrong......all rights reversed @ vish`s blog
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Thursday, April 28, 2005


If u r among the rare species who visit mah blog u would know that I am upto jogging these days.So it typically is me walking upto Karan`s home ,ringing the bell and both of us going to the park.I am lazy and I am sure Karan agrees.We walk ,we jog but more than that we talk....

Our conversations have extremes from ethics and morals to communism to that girl whom we see everyday.I try my best not to be overawed by his knowledge of economics (he is rightly going to DSE).One of the conversatons that we had was about placements in JNU.He told me how MNCs were coming to JNU and how the professors had expressed their unhappiness towards students joining some of them.We were talking when he suddenly prooped a question at me..."Suppose a Raytheon or a Snecma or a Philip Morris want to come to B-School.Do you think they should be allowed?".....My immediate response was .."Why not?"....I told him that I beleived students should be free to do whatever they wanted to...true that tobacco is bad for health and true that these companies want tension,if not war,to persist...but I think you cannot impose idealism and high thinking on students.They can always join then a few years down the line...Karan jumped and said...That exactly is the problem,students,most, will eventually see the moolah thats on offer....perhaps he is right...

The conversation then took another twist...with me mentioning that tobacco companies are among the biggest excise payers....he blasted me....said then even prostitution can bring money to the government...legalise that....I said I am all for it.....but yes.....deep down I agree with him that atleast the Indian society will never accept it...and that things like legalising prostitution only lead to the kind of social degeneration that you see in america.....but then...prostitution exists anyway...doesn`t it......all contradicting intertwined conversations....

After the jog (he always runs more than I do because he needs to) we go off add calories by drinking cold drinks and head home.

We`ll perhaps discuss Che Guevara tomorrow or may be he`ll explain to me some finer points of economics.....but I like the conversation about that girl more......
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What a blog...

A fantastic blog coming from a fantastic person.

Rashmi Bansal is the editor of JAM...an IIMA passout and a proficient writer.A must see blog this...

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Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I am really bored today.Am not in the mood to study and have nothing else to do.There is something wrong with my sound card which means I can`t even watch a movie.....hell.

The time I was working......I used to look forward to weekends ...but now they just come and go....Its all the same.I had huge plans for these 2 months but all my friends are now out of delhi.Well Mohit is coming back on 10th...lets see what can be planned.I wanna go to this place called Lancetown in Himachal ( I think)...saw pics of that place in a friends album..have wanted to go there ever since.I quite fancy the idea of living in a cottage.

Abishek called up and played a prank.....well dOOd....I`ll get back soon....and yeah...the A380 took to the skies.A very odd looking aircraft but its gigantic.Somebody said ....look at the cars today and remember the cars of the 1930s....thats the kind of technological jump a A380 is....
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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Blah Blah...

After I posted about the Mig -25 on my blog a few of my friends ,recent ones, called me up and asked me why the obsession with fighter planes.I must say its no obsession.When I was a id,almost all of my male friends wanted to be either an astronaut or a fighter pilot.Inever knew what I wanted.The profession of a pilot never really appealed to me.My interest started when I started watching the various news channels dissecting the implications of the tests and of the sanctions that would follow.I never knew that there was so much going on in this world.

Then I got that life altering oppurtunity.As the head boy ofmy school I got an oppurtunity to visit the injured soldiers of the Kargil conflict at the Army Base Hospital in Delhi.It was a heart wrenching experience tohear the stories of battle and to talk to brave soldiers of the Indian Army who were more pained by the loss of their "brothers" than their own limbs.I spent a good 5 Hrs.with those brave souls before leaving to meet the Adjutant General of the Indian Army in the Rashtrapati Bhawan.I saw him and thought to myself.."what marvellous presence can a man in uniform have."His talk impressed me even more.I presented to him a cheque for the humble amount that we had collected from within the school.He told me that although he appreciated the gesture,the Indian Army is not short on funds.through me he wanted to convey to my schoolmates that what an Army Jawan really wants is respect."If you ever see an Army man behind you in a queue , step aside and let him go first"...were his words.After that day I have never missed an oppurtunity to do the same and express my respect to the brave men of the Indian Defence forces.

You perhaps might want to ask me why I did not join the a defence force myself...well that`s a long story for some other day.
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Monday, April 25, 2005

Foxbat Posted by Hello
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I read the newspaper report in the Indian Express today....the IAF has officially declared that the MIG 25 foxbats ,of which India had only 5, will be phased out this year.

The MIG 25 was for long the most advanced spy plane outside the USAF.......it flew in the stratosphere and for the major part of its life cud not be detected by any chinese or pakistani radar.It was the largest plane of its kind with an enormous wingspan and almost entirely havd built.The plane had famously broken into the Pakistani airspace during Rajiv gandhi`s tenure and even went uptil Islamabad.It cud only be detected b'cos it created a sonic boom.The Pakistanis let looke their F-16s.....but to no use...they cud not even see the Foxbat.

Always kept under veils of secrecy since its acquisition in the early 1980s, the super spy plane has never been shown in public and the exploits of its daredevil pilots, though recorded, are not allowed to hit the limelight

So it will be gone soon....

and u bet the IAF shall miss it...
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Friday, April 22, 2005

Bundles Of Joy

For me, when it comes to meeting some expectation or personal goal I quite often make silly sacrifices for the pettiest things. But I love to shop for those things. I absolutley love a good deal. Finding something for 30-50% off that you can't get anywhere at that price is like blood in the water. I become ravenous to acquire it.

Recently, I have figured out that it is not necessarily the deal that drives me. I am beginning to understand that I am addicted to the thrill of simply waiting on the package. When I was a kid, I remember the excitement of getting something in the mail that acutally had my name on the envelope or package. That excitement is addictive. I don't drink or smoke, but I'd bet the buzz I get is none the less potent. Getting a package in the mail that contains some gadget or widget (that I could usually and easily do without) makes that one or two days a month where something is delivered like an early festival.

No matter how good the deal I see that it still does not make me a savy buyer. In other words it's not smart. With all the recent upgrades to my equipment (i.e. shoes,CDs, etc.) , I could easily have just put another 20% into my purchases and come out with the same products but at least 50% cheaper than what I currently have in them. But I do not think that I would not have had near as much fun doing it. :-)

It's a cyclical process. I have researched and determined the best product. There is the rationale that I have shopped for the best deal and found it! I pay for it and deal with the buyers remorse always attached to it and sleep if off because I know tomorrow or the next day there will be a package to be delivered!
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Monday, April 18, 2005

Read this...

All Things Asian Are Becoming Us
Commentary, Andrew Lam,Pacific News Service, Jan 12, 2005
Rudyard Kipling's famous line "East is East and West is West, and never the twain shall meet" no longer applies. Today, East and West are commingled, and in this country, the East is on the rise.Take movies. American audiences are growing more familiar with movies from China, Japan and South Korea. Quentin Tarantino is planning a kung fu movie entirely in Mandarin, and Zhang Yimou's stylized martial arts films like "Hero" and "House of Flying Daggers" are popular across the country. Hollywood is remaking Japanese blockbusters like "The Ring" and "Shall We Dance?"What many Asian Americans once considered proprietary culture -- kung fu, acupuncture, ginseng, incense, Confucian dramas, beef noodle soup and so on -- has spilled irrevocably into the mainstream.Three decades ago, who would have thought that sushi would become an indelible part of American cuisine? Or that Vietnamese fish sauce would be found on Aisle 3 of Safeway? Or that acupuncture would be accepted by some HMOs? That feng shui would become a household word? Or that Asian writers, especially Indian, would play a large and important role in the pantheon of American letters?American pundits tend to look at the world through a very old prism -- they associate globalization as synonymous with Americanization: i.e., how the United States influences the world. What many tend to overlook, in the age of porous borders, is how much the world has changed the United States.Evidence of the Easternization of America is piling up.Japanese animation is a good example. There are more than 20 anime shows on cable channels, ranging from "Sailor Moon" to "Pokemon" to the latest teenage craze, "Kagemusha," a series about a half-human, half-demon warrior on a quest. "Spirited Away" beat out Disney movies to win the Oscar for best animation in 2003.Sales of Japanese comic books, DVDs and videocassettes reached $500 million in the United States last year.Mandarin-language films like "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," by Ang Lee, and "Hero," by Zhang Yimou, were top draws across the United States. Asian Americans have been featured as stars as in "Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle" and "Better Luck Tomorrow."Asian stars in Hollywood include Ang Lee, Joan Chen, Justin Lin, John Woo, Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Chow Yun Fat, Michelle Yeow.Sandip Roy, host of a San Francisco radio show called "Up Front" and a film critic, points to the "Bollywoodization" of the United States."Deepak Chopra has long been managing the spiritual fortunes of Hollywood's golden people," he says. "Britney Spears' new album has a Bhangra remix of one of her singles. Images from old Indian matchbooks and posters now retail as birthday cards. The vinyl seat covers of Indian rickshaws are turning into tote bags for Manhattan's chic. And yoga is now the new aerobics. "That this country is falling under Asia's spell shouldn't be surprising. If the world is experiencing globalization, the union between East and West, where a new hybrid culture is thriving, is just part of that process.Suddenly, Beijing, Bombay, Bangkok and Tokyo are much closer to the United States than we thought. And in as much as we feel reassured in seeing the Thai teenager in Bangkok wearing his baseball cap backward under the golden arches of McDonald's, Americans have learned to savor the taste of lemongrass in our soup and that tangy burnt chili on our fried fish.Writer Richard Rodriguez once observed that "Each new wave of immigrants brings changes as radical as Christopher Columbus did to the Indians."Eastern religions represent one of those changes. In Los Angeles, there are more than 300 Buddhist temples. Buddhism, writes Diana Eck, professor of comparative religions at Harvard University, "challenges many Americans at the very core of their thinking about religion -- at least, those of us for whom religion has something to do with one we call God."One cannot accept that acupuncture works on one's arthritis without considering the essence that lies behind such an art, the flow of the chi -- the energy that flows through all things -- and its manipulation with needles.One must eventually contemplate what ancient Taoist priests saw, the invisible flow of energy, which involves a radically different way of experiencing the world.One cannot diligently practice meditation without considering one's psychological transformation and the possibility of enlightenment, of spiritual revelation, waiting at the edge of one's breath.A century ago, Carl Jung, a great interpreter of the psychic differences between East and West, described the Westerner as basically extroverted, driven by desire to conquer, and the Easterner as a classic introvert, driven by desire to escape suffering. The introvert tends to dismiss the "I," Jung wrote, because in the East, it is identified with selfishness and libidinous delusions. To reach spiritual maturity, the I must be dissolved.All that has been turned on its head. Many a Westerner, tired of materialism, turns slowly inward in search of spiritual uplift, while introversion and ego-dissolving are no longer consuming Asian quests.On my wall, I keep two pictures to remind me of the extraordinary ways East and West have changed.One is from a Time magazine issue on Buddhism in the United States. On it, a group of American Buddhists sits serenely in lotus position on a wooden veranda in Malibu contemplating the Pacific Ocean. The other is of the Vietnamese American astronaut Eugene Trinh, who flew on a NASA space shuttle.Tu Weiming, the Confucian scholar at Harvard, said this is a new "era where various traditions exist side by side for the first time for the picking. "American artists and writers have often looked to the East. What is new in the age of globalization is that Asia is the active agent in the interaction, projecting its vision westward with confidence.
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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Table Tennis....

So I was chatting on yahoo msngr wid someone who also used to play TT..........boy'o boy....am I remembering those good old days now.I uttered words like "Mark V","Phantom" after around 2 yrs now..........

Those were times yaar..........no assemblies...no nothing....just plain TT..and did I love the game.I used to be pretty good (modesty)....but somehow just totally lost touch....

So i have decided.....will be more regular now....after it was one of the very few things I was any good at...
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Saleh Khalaf, a 9-year-old Iraqi boy, was severely maimed by an explosion. His indomitable spirit -- which earned Saleh the nickname Lion Heart -- moved Air Force surgeons in Iraq to launch an international mercy mission to save him. Throughout the ordeal Saleh's father, Raheem, stayed at the boy's side, ready with a comforting touch like this.
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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The God!!!! Posted by Hello
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I wonder....

So Sachin finally got that long overdue century today....this may be my imagination going haywire but everytime the media begins questioning the class and the ability of the man he just proves everybody wrong...

in this case it happens to Wisden...alright that they only said that he is not the same batsman anymore...and thats something I agree wid.....but I wonder if these thing just egg him on to make the media eat their words...

If that is the case........moi says ppl in the media (Wisden included) shud be awarded for national service.........lol

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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Jogging and Udita Goswami

The topic of this post might lead u to think that I met Udita Goswami while jogging.....well...do I wish...

So I went for a jog today morning.......for long jogging was a passion for me but thanx to Coke I was not able tokeep up.It felt great....prolly beacuse the anuual exams r over...saw a lot of young people out there.Have decided to continue with jogging and allow myself no excuses ......

Read Suhas` blog today after a long time......we have totally coherent views on Udita Goswami.....u see there r some women who r hot and there r others who r Orgasmic.....she falls into the latter category even when fully clothed(I am sick).....the movie is a piece of shit though..
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Friday, April 08, 2005

daniel craig Posted by Hello
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Daiel Craig next Bond??????

The press seems to be reporting that Daniel Craig has been or will be offered a 3 film deal as the next James Bond.
I have to say, not a bad choice. I wonder if they will make him dye his hair, as he is blonde. I was hoping for Clive Owen (after a reconsideration from before). Rumor has it that he was not interested. SO, Bond fans lets see what happens.
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So mommy cam back after a 3 month long visit to dubai today....she is all ga-ga about the place.She says its the discipline among people thats most amazing...even Indians..lol....may be thats because they r in a foreign country.

Well.......if u still don`t know.........I resigned on monday.Must say it is a mixed feeling.Not that I am missing office abit but just the thought of leaving all my friends behind.....I will miss u guys.....some ppl were real a**holes but most of them were good friends.

I worked under 2 diff. bosses......the first one was the kewl kind....he just did not bother.Must say he kinda spoilt me.The next one...well I went along very well with him but he was kinda weird at times.spent close to 6 months under him.

Am looking forward to the next two months b4 I join my MBA.....have to get a driver`s license....after learning to drive that is...am planning to travel a bit.
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Gandhi........ Posted by Hello
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Dilli ki Maya..............

Rediff reports that Delhi has the most crorepatis in India. The figures are based upon the National Council of Applied Economic Research's forthcoming 'The Great Indian Middle Class' which is based on a sample of over 3,00,000 households and is a part of NCAER's annual household survey.
They have defined crorepati households as those having an annual income of Rs 1 crore [USD 220,000]. So Delhi it seems has 5,085 super-rich households [which comes to roughly 1 in 500] and Mumbai has 4,439 [1 in 800].
Interestingly, Nagpur shows the fastest growth in this elite group and has 425 super-rich households.
The whole study looks pretty interesting and it would be fun to delve into other parts of it, also into other classes of income as well.
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Pope Posted by Hello
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Its not usual for people to get mentioned on this hallowed page...but I had promised Priyanka.Had a long chat with her yesterday.What a darling she was in college.

So nice to have talked to u.....
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Thursday, April 07, 2005

the bridge of peace Posted by Hello
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Infidels attack.... Posted by Hello
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Srinagar to Mzfrabad

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi today flagged off the historic Srinagar-Muzzafarabad bus service.The journey of the Kaarwan-e-Aaman takes place in the shadow of terrorist threats to turn it into a coffin on wheels. Twenty-one passengers boarded the two buses to make the historic journey from the Indian side.

The journey is on its way...as I see Barkha Dutt and Nidhi Razdan narrate every scene on NDTV...can`t help but feel cautiously optimistic.Bullets have been spraying on the passengers and the bus itself for 2 days now...but the resolve to go on and not to get dettered by the militants speaks volumes...

one thought.....I disagree that this is "the day we have been waiting for"....instead the day these journeys stop becoming news is the day I am waiting for
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Goodbye to a great soul...

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