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Sunday, June 26, 2005


Since the term got mentioned in one of the comments on my previous post...thought of telling u guys about it.

Since the day I joined b skool it is evident that evry faculty member is eager to make sure that we dont end up being one of those MBAs from the mould who just churn out jargon from their mouth without completely understanding the underlying substance...the emphasis without a doubt is on making thinking MBAs who know what they are talking about.

One of our faculty Mr.Sivaram Apte introduced the concept of BULLSHIT BINGO !! to the class.It is a simple 7*7 matrix with each box containing MBA jargon like "optimization","strategy","value addition" etc.
The concept is simple.....he wants us to carry that piece of paper with us and whenever someone uses one of those words just strike off that word.As soon as the grid was completed either horizontally,vertically or diagonally...just raise ur hand and say.."BULLSHIT!!!"

Apparently one of his classmates from IIMA uses this in his workplace.I was least surprised to know that when this exercise was done in the usual board meeting....most ppl did not take more than 5 min. to raise their hands and scream.

The thing about that piece of paper is that it h as managed to put across a very valid point and all of us have been making a conscious effort not to let them into our vocabulary....but ya...there are occasions when "metamarketing" just jumps out ofyour mouth.

of course....if u r doing this in a meeting and ur boss is ther....just raise ur hand...dare not utter the word :-)
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Saturday, June 25, 2005


am blogging in the break we got in the 4 hr. data analysis class by Mr.Sivaram Apte.....i just want to fall on this guy`s feet...getting acquainted to the wonderful things that excel can do.

we got our first half day off yesterday...no wonder i saw the entire batch at the FC road Barista...if u r in search of non-veg,FC road is cetrtainly NOT the place to be..almost every friggin eaterie there is veg...amprapali,roopali,vaishali...god help....somehow located a non-veg joint..freaked out on butter chicken,chicken tikka and tandoori chicken....

planning to go to MG road today...

more later...
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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Pillar to Post !!

Its been quite a week till now.My first experience of having 3 exams on one .....3 yesterday and 3 today...infact the last one is scheduled from 7:30 to 9:30 pm....the pressure of assignments,self study and presentations is mounting....somehowhave to keep pace .Have been studyin Kotler....nice interesting book...we have an IIT-IIM guy called Prantosh Banerjee for Research Methodology.That guy simply is GOD!!!...just goes on to show how faculties can make the subject that much more interesting.

Me and Abishek had great fun representing the entire batch in negotiations with various companies for our laptop deal.Have finally decided on HP..have got an amazing deal....42000 bucks for 1.7 GHz,512 MB RAM,60 Gb HDD...and all the usuals.

Saturday is officially an off for us but we keep having these guest lectures...last wek it was a guy from the Vedanta Academy.I slept thru the entire thing......those chairs in the audi are really comfortable.Today it was Kiran Bedi....she talked at length...I somehow found her to be a bit on the feminist side.

will b more regular on the blog now....
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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Guten Tag!

ya that`s how u wish ppl in german.Its a different feeling to try and understand a new language from the start,especially at this old age.I confess that I sometimes used to get annoyed with the ppl I have taught english to for not being able to get grammar right...I now know how they used to feel and would like to say sorry :-)

life here is a roller coaster ride...its just that u feel u are only going down with the ever increasing burden of studies....but I guess there is a method to tackle this ,although I am still to discover that.The director is a very precise man.The guy is out to prove a point and has big plans for the college...

have four lectures a day...from 9 to 6:30....usually end up in the library or planning the night`s study schedule by 7:30.....got a red mark today...was not because I failed in something but because I do not know how to swim....have to learn swiming from the MARCO (yes...Marine Commando) and earn the green card before being allowed to swim...don`t see that happening in the near future though....

more later...
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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

had my first german class today....

classes and schedules are killing me...very very busy.
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Monday, June 06, 2005

first post from pune..

So here goes.....

Arrived in pune at 6 on the evening of 2nd...the first two days were chill with me meeting lotsa people about whom I already seemed to know everything about(thanks to yahoo messenger).The first day was the induction programme with the director spelling out in no clear words that he wants serious academic rigour from us.After having stayed away from books for 2 yrs now I must admit I have a few apprehensions about coping with the course.

The next 2 days were "Out Bound Learnings"...the institute hired an organisation run by ex-servicemen and we were climbing ropes,walking blindfolded,solving puzzles,performiong treasure hunt tasks and lots more.It was great fun and I came to know lots about my classmates.The only pain perhaps is the fact that I had to get up at 4:45 in the morning and this is gonna continue for the next two years....ouch..

Formal classes began today..am posting after my first two lectures of financial accounting and SAP.

Pune,from the little I have seen, is awesome.Coming from delhi the best thing has to be the weather......and will be even better when I get my laptop :-)

So many more things to write about but the time crunch stops me.....more later...
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