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Saturday, October 22, 2005

term exams....

term exams are on...had a fundoo marketing paper yesterday.....today was HR...total pfaff :-)

exam time is good.....hardly 2 hours of sleep...u get to see what ppl are made of....will blog in detail later..
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Monday, October 17, 2005

FCQs and more....

Was sitting and chatting to friends outside the campus cafeteria when Surya (senior) called me up and introduced me to this super senior...Sriram is working in Satyam, Hyderabad…he and a few batch mates of his have just dropped in and decided to spend a few days in campus. It seems sriram was looking for me 'cos he has been reading my blogs...as have been quite a few passouts...it seems.

"Ur blog is read by a lot of influential people"....he said.

I did not know how to react...I know I have not been doing justice to this blog after I came here...posting frequency has gone down very drastically :-(

The FCQ results are out……..got fucked in a few. Guess I can’t complain…its HR…did not bother to study it in the first place.

Had a guest lecture by the CEO of naukri.com a few days back….the guy basically tried to inspire us by narrating the struggle behind naukri….was certainly one of the best guest lectures we have had in the recent time.....the sheer simplicity and the unassuming nature of the guy leads u to be inspired of him.

Towards the end of his speech he asked how many of us find the idea of entrepreneurship fascinating. I saw myself raising my hand…well don’t know if and when it will happen!!

We had our last class with Prantosh Sir today…he capped it with an awesome speech about life and the importance of values in life.

“Success is getting what you want; Happiness is wanting what you get.”

So very well said Sir.
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Friday, October 14, 2005


if the last few days are anything to go by....MBA has really really started to take its toll now. The end term exams are nearing...start on the 21st....needless to say that I feel "fucked" as far as the preparation goes.

Adding to the fucking.... lost my purse...add to that the driver's license, Citi card, some imp. visiting cards and the phone book. Dont bother about the money....I am always short of it :-) Called up the bank...have requested for a new card....its taking so long :-(

My roomies have also got placed...Sharad (read the "vodka" king) will be joining CB Richard Ellis-sales and marketing...Dhruv(the lazy CA) will be joining ITC-finance...Sunil`s wait continues....moi pretty sure its not gonna take very long...Adithi will be joining Hewitt Associates.

Have to choose my electives for second sem....am sure about sadman(sales and distribution management) and branding.....have to decide b/w capital markets and CRM.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

down with the Nobel....

a bunch of norwegians decide to give the Nobe proze for peace to Baradei and the IAEA....

well...what do u say for this...blunder....on organisation that has repeatedly failed to do what it was mandated for....stop proliferation...

guess the Nobel is also going the "Arjuna Award Way".....be it on a global scale...
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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

the heat of summers....

summers in a b skool like mine is one hell of an experience....he endles application forms...CV prints, getting seniors to proofread ur CV etc.

The last few days were an awesome ride....the placement comittee would send u an sms at the oddest possible hours and tell u that there is a batch meet...hell...

after a few dissappointments, moi finally made it to three companies yesterday...sometimes things just fall inplace...will be joining RECKITT BENCKISER for sales and marketing...

now come the term exams.....huh !!
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Sunday, October 02, 2005

welcome to blogworld...

monsieur sunil has started blogging....


welcome to the blogworld dude....
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The Cinderella Man...

If ur college is loacted in a place called Hinjewadi, life changes. Especially if u r from a place like Delhi.

In delhi we had a plethora of hangouts and eateries and almost every weekend I used to end up having a double chicken double egg kathi roll at 34, chowrangee lane.....ppl from south campus may be familiar....it is by far the best place for kathi rolls anywhere in this whole wide world. The only place to eat out in Hinjewadi is "Tamanna." Its decent but u end up getting bored of eating the same thing repeatedly....unless it is their crispy chicken :-)

yesterday was one of the few occasion that we went to the city...and boy o' boy...did we have a good time. Started with a tangy paneer pizza at e-square followed by the ice tea. If u are anywhere in pune or plan to come to pune u must check out that ice tea....i always found ice tea to be tasteless....but this one rocked.....thanks to sruthy (thats how she spells her name) for introducing me to both crispy chicken and that ice tea. Next in line was the new Russell Crowe starrer. There is something about these king of movies where the person fights against all odds and makes it big. The movie is a must watch. I think it is as good as the million dollar baby...sunil was literally jumping in his seat when the punches in the bout were being delivered.

now the highlight of the day....about to board the bus back to the campus, I had this idea of having a kathi roll. now where the hell in pune do u find a kathi roll?

and there I see, standing next to me is the angel pointing towards some shop. Actually sruthy has done her graduation in pune...so she knows all the hangouts. All 4 of us went to this kathi roll place and I ordered my fav....double chicken :-)

had an awesome time....sometimes pune does rock :-)
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