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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Go Sidin !


If u were what I am.... mallu,blogger,b-skooler....then there is no way that u cud not have heard of one Mr. Sidin Vadukut....people from REC Trichy cant stop telling cant stop ranting about the brilliant placecom member who used to take novels to exam centres.... and now they have company from IIMA :-)

Domain Maximus (Sidin'sblog) is one of the most frequented blogs that I have seen.... so much so that people have started blogs just to comment on sidin's blogs.....now he has taken the plunge...he has quit a cushy consultancy job that he got off IIMA to pursue what will make him "happy"...write a book....I heard about this when I was in IIML....its difficult to describe what one feels when u hear something like this....guess its a mix of admiration and a feeling of "wish I could do that"... He as done something that I would also want to do....but do I have the guts to do it now?..i'm afraid the answer is no.....in all probability I would end up with a typical b-skoolers job and would continue there for atleast a few years... but I would, some day, like to do the one thing I really wanna do....what is it ?...let it be with me for now....

Sidin, All the Best...Carpe Diem !!!
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Manfest !!

Just got back from Manfest 2006 at IIML.... had a great time...didnt make to the final 4 in the debate though :-)
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Friday, January 13, 2006

posting after a looong time...

back to blogging after a long time.... i wud be lying if i say that i have been too busy to blog...infact have had quite a leisurely time for the last few days...found out that i would be going to delhi in feb as part of the college's selection process....yipee :-)

the long awaited sessions by apte sir started....we have been asked to study interesting retail issues around us....huh..never thought finding a problem could also be issue :-)

urs truly and mala were sitting and pondering over stuff when we stumbled over this.....if circulation is all that matters for a newspaper...how can economic times price the weekend newspaper at Rs 10/-...i mean obviously the demand for a business newspaper on weekends will be less...on the face of it...u can't increase price when the demand is low....its obviously a pricing issue...would like to find out what kind of data is bennet and coleman's decision based on...

another problem that we have decided to cover is to undertake a comparitive study of the business models of both the subiksha cjain of stores and perhaps a foodworld...totally different ways...different inventory turnaround cycles....different ambience...world of difference...

onething that i definitely want to take out of Apte sir's sessions is the way he can shatter uur argument to pieces....u better know what u r talking about !!!!

hmm...since problems are the flavour of this post...take this....a 7 ml pantene sachet costs Rs. 3/- and a 100ml bottle costs Rs 52/-...sachets are obviously cheaper...and there is nothing thats stopping a customer from buying only sachets..but why the hell are bottles still selling....

food for thought ????
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