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Monday, July 31, 2006

German et all ...

Decided to blog in the middle of the pretence of trying to learn some german for tomorrow's exam...the honest truth is that I suck at it....does it mean that I dony have a flair for languages....hmm...if it so...so be it....just wanna pass tmrws exam by hook or by crook :-)

Roomies came back drunk today....which led me to the thought that I have never been high...

Quite a lot of ppl have told me that I gotta get high once and enjoy the feeling.....well....lets see...dont see it happening any time soon....

Lots of things are running thru mah head these days...some stuff back home...some stuff in college....I could do without all this shit.....

Things and people around me have changed....what I dont know is whether all this is for the better or for worse !!!
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

George, you were right !
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

One life to love !!

A certain thought has got me pondering over the last few days.

When is it that you decide that life is not worth living ?? Can you even decide that ??

On the face of it....some people can take that decision...thats why some people choose death over life. I remeber the conversation I had with Somaiya about existential litaerature and greats like Kamu whose theory was that suicide is not a sudden decision because something bad happened. Its a conscious decision that one takes over a long period of time as to whether life is worth living or not...the trigger to take that step could be anything small...but the reasons are much bigger...

But still...I can't begin to imagine the kind of courage one would need to do it...I mean perfectly normal people...god's privilleged children...only minor complications...surely there is nothing that cannot be undone...surely there is nothing that time cannot heal....

Just look back at your life once...think of the people to whom you are the world...parents...friends...surely life is worth living....indeed life is worth loving....
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International Business ???

In yesterdays's International Marketing class, the topic under discussion was the need to understand the culture of the country that you ewant to do business in. One of the elements was culture...here are some examples of bad translations that you need to avoid...

Please leave you values at the desk !!

Due to the improriety of entertaining guests of opposite sex in the room, please use the lobby fot the same !!

Please take full advantage of the chamber maid !!
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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Back to Blogging !!

here I am...back again...

summer training got over...i would like to believe that I did a decent job...but of course, in b sckools, the yardstick for performance in summers is a PPO...so the verdict is still to come out !!!

college is pretty chill now...almost all subjects are electives and that obviously means lesser classes...suppoesedly more time for self study :)

have been looking for ways to kill time....decided to make full use of the campus facilities and took to learning swimming...one thing is for sure...I am certainly not a duck :-)

Had a 15 day break i Kerala before coming bck to pune...the first real break after joining b skool...had an absolutely awesome time...coincidental as it may be...the government of Kerala introduced a trolling ban because of monsson the day I landed there....fish prices shot up...so more chicken died :-)

junious batch has hit the campus...as is always the case...they are being screwed left and right with loads of assignments and WACs ... brings to smile on the face of everyone in the senior batch..
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