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Sunday, September 25, 2005

palm reading...

taking a cue from nithya`s palm reading adventures.....me too got my palm read at


This is what came out....

Hi Anish, you have a logical hand. Your mental agility is dizzying. You are an extremely meticulous and organised person. Of course, this makes you the 'planning' maestro. Seems like holidaying is not your primary form of recreation. You are a stickler for perfection, but you can be a popular team player.

Your index finger is short. This makes you a dependable team player. A position of command is not for you. But you do have a keen eye for detail. You can be impulsive; not all your moves are quite rational. Look out! Stress could get the better of you. Your index finger being longer than your ring finger points to you being realistic but aggressive at the same time. Yet, you are not able to stand your ground at times. Your sense of judgement is finely balanced. Your middle finger being longer than the adjoining fingers in length signifies an even view towards life. You are extremely organised; seldom ever do you 'come apart' in any situation. You seem to have all stages of your life worked out to the last detail, and possess an unbiased and sagacious personality. You evaluate and analyse all your actions towards achieving your goals in life and get there through sheer dedication and will power.

The top of your ring finger is in level with the base of the fingernail of your middle finger. You are a sweet talker and can seduce most people and bend them to your will. But this style may have only short-lived results! Since your little finger is set lower than your other fingers, you encumber and impede your own life. The pursuit of goals seems unimportant to you and hence you make no effort to reach out. Your little finger reaches above the first flexure line (joint) of your ring finger. You have the gift of the gab and can talk endlessly - all you need is a listening partner. you have a logical hand. Your mental agility is dizzying. You are an extremely meticulous and organised person. Of course, this makes you the 'planning' maestro. Seems like holidaying is not your primary form of recreation. You are a stickler for perfection, but you can be a popular team player. You seem to have a short lifeline. The years between 20 and 30 could be tricky. Take care.

You are a peaceful creature. All you want is tranquility; any sort of discord unsettles you completely. Your lifeline does not touch your line of head. You are an independent and non-conventional person. Don't let over confidence get the better of you. Your headline ends in a fork. You contemplate deeply before executing plans. This trait is usually inherent in lawyers and authors. You have a short headline. You never think before you act. Taking rash decisions that you live to regret is the story of your life. You are a completely transparent person. You have no inhibitions in sharing your innermost feelings with others. You are mature and non-judgemental, accepting people just as they are. A fast-paced life is not or you. You are highly imaginative and prefer to live in your own dream world.

A word of caution - ensure that you don't lose touch with reality.
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Friday, September 16, 2005

Onam sadya at Southern Spice....

"When u want something really bad, the whole world conspires that u achieve it" says Paulo Coelho.

So true I thought....indeed...we are some 15 odd mallus in this years batch at our college and needless to say most of us bond well. So the gang was all gung ho about celebrating Onam in the college but for some reason the whole thing did not work out....too bad...but atleast a sadya (the traditional feast on Onam day)....class schedule made even that look distant:-(

but as things were...all of us did work it out and made a mad run to the only place in Pune serving an Onam Sadya that we knew off...aha...Souhern Spice..run by a christian mallu...some 45 minutes from our college...in the heart of the city. The place is otherwise famous for the awesome beef that they server....but today was different. Sriram was thoughtfull enuf to give the restaurant a call and tell them that we all will be coming....and boy o boy...was that the turning point.

reaching there...my eyes filled with amazement...never knew Pune had so many mallus....it was a mad rush...some 100 ppl already waiting.....that was when we had to get into the cajoling tune...and boy..were we good at it.

the fact is u can start a conversation with any mallu by asking him where in kerala he is from and coupling it with some absurd that connection that u may or may not have with it....dunno if it is specific only to mallus....but it works with us for sure !!

so the buttering and the fact that we had called up together and we did manage to get seats for all 14 of us....pity that we could not sit together....but dude...that sadya was awesome....

all the effort was truly worth it....

proud to be a mallu !!!
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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Happy Onam !

Onam greetings to one and all !!!
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

back to sanity...

well...how to best describe it is a challenge....10 days of pure torcher...

the "ideal" vipassana time table was:

4:30-6:30 am-meditation
9:30-lights out
"ideal" because this is what we were supposed to do.....u must be kidding me....ended up bunking as much as i cud...
the funda behind the meditation is that same as what buddha did and became enlightened...u r required to concentrate on and observe the sensations throughout ur body and observe them...by that logic...most of us were concentrating on just the ass and the back...gosh...did they become stiff :-)
the place...igatpuri in nashik....is simply AWESOME.....one realises this even when u r on the highway....the lush green farma...the greean western ghats....the fantastic climate....it just rocked...perhaps the only thing apart from food that kept us going...
coming to food.....after I left delhi....all i have come across in pune is ridiculous food with evrything ended up being made sweet....igatpuri was a revelation...the food was simple but so damn tasty. We used to get the worlds best butter milk and fruits daily....prolly worth going back just for the food.
vipassana lead to a lot of introspection.....made a list of "things u shud know about me"...will put it up soon....
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