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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Back !

I thought I had moved on from blogging.
Isn't blogging dead anyway ?
We have Twitter now right ?

Today is just one of those days. Felt like writing. Infact, stumbled upon some old mails from the small lot of people who used to read my blog. They actually took the effort to track me down and get in touch. Some actually are still friends. Awesome !

Life has changed so much. Things/People/Relationships I thought are forever were not.... People I thought of as just acquaintances have become such close friends.... Through all this, some friends have continued to stay close.

Somehow, its not following "the pattern". Aren't you supposed to have the best times of your life in college ? Isn't work life supposed to be a drag ?

It's turned out rather different. I have met the most awesome pepple in the last few years. Friends to keep. Friends who are genuine to you. Friends I wanna be genuine to. They are a great bunch. I have never been so close to another set of people.

In all this, have also gone through some of the toughest times of my life. Choices that were tough, but were the right ones to make. Old relationships broken, some which were meant to be but were not... and some fabulous new ones.

The thing that I try hard to ensure is not to let the baggage from old experiences affect my current and future life. Why should it ? It should not ! .... Gotta trust people.

A tree does draw from it's surrounding. Nothing is more true. The influence people around you can have on you and your perspective it just amazing.

Most of the good things from the last few years can be attributed to this awesome awesome place called Bangalore. I dread leaving this city. But the sad truth is that I have another week to go before I move to this good for nothing place called Gurgaon. I dread it seriously. But I also have the hope that somehow there will my small ecosystem there in which I will be happy.

Soon life will change... Marriage et. all.
Am looking fwd to it with a curious anticipation. I have wronged in relationships before. I will wrong again I am sure. But there is no better feeling than growing along with and around another person. Co-dependence has such a charm to it !

I am not one for social networks. But I like blogging. Hoping to do this more often. Till then, here's to life !
|| Anish, 5:28 PM


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